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What is a satellite office?

A satellite office for us is simply an extention of our permanent office.  As you know we have a mobile office that actually travels around to the schools in our area but are you aware that we also go Pinehurst and St. Maries to do orthodontic treatment for our patients in those communities?  We have been doing this for years and it is a huge benefit patients we see in those cities and surrounding areas. The initial visits are done in our Coeur d'Alene office and then most follow-up visits are done at the "satellite" office which cuts down on driving time, time away from home, school and work for the families we treat.

Dr. Jaeger and our chairside orthodontic assistants pack up the vehicle every five weeks with all the supplies and instruments needed to perform the necessary appointments scheduled on that particular day and head out.  Rumor has it that they stop on the way out of town for a "caffeine fix"--what gets the day started better than that, right?  Traveling to each office is usually a great time for conversation-- one would think the world's problems could be solved among that group, but not so much!

We work out of Dr. Bird's office in Pinehurst and Dr. Silva's office in St. Maries.  They are both kind enough to rent their offices to us once a month which makes it possible for us to treat our patients in their hometown.  It really is an enjoyable day and we have met the nicest people doing orthodontics this way.  If you know anyone who could benefit from this type of service send them out way--we would appreciate the opportunity to meet with them!

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